FAQ - Bike fit

Frequently asked questions about our Melbourne bike fitting services

Are bike fits covered by private health insurance?

A portion of the Chiropractic bike fit is covered by private health insurance since you will receive a chiropractic initial assessment and treatment. The Performance and Essential bike fits are not generally covered.

How much is a bike fit?

All our prices are listed on our online booking page.

How long does a bike fit take?

It  ranges from 1 - 2 hours depending on the service. The scheduled time for each service is listed on our online booking page.

Should I bring my current bike?

Yes, you need to bring your own bike for all our bike fitting services. We unfortunatly do not offer pre-purchase bike fitting. Please contact us for any questions related to your new bike purchase.

How do I book a bike fit?

We prefer that you make a booking online for the service that you are after. This way you can choose the time that suits you best. Our website should have all the information that you need to choose the right service for you. Please submit a question via our website if you cannot find the answers you are looking for.

Which bike fit do I choose if I want chiropractic treatment as well?

Chiropractic bike fit should fit all your needs. You will get a comprehensive chiropractic assessment of your complaint(s) and treatment, as well as a tailored bike fit. You can use your private health insurance on a portion of this session.

What types of bike can you do bike fits on?

We can perform bike fits on most bikes including road, gravel, cyclocross, mtb, track, triathlon and time trial bikes. We unfortunately do not do bike fits on bmx and downhill bikes.

Do you repair bikes as well?

No, we unfortunately do not have the space or equipment to offer bike repairs. We recommend you contact your local bike shop for this service.

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