June 10, 2022

Benefits of a standing desk 

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Increasingly over the last few years, the benefits of a standing desk have become a bit of a hot topic when it comes to staying healthy at work. 

A standing desk has a number of health benefits that we’ll get into later but a standing desk is a workstation that as the name suggests, you stand up to work at. 

Standing desks can help to ease back pain. 

Unfortunately, back pain is one of the most common complaints of many workers who sit all day.

Several studies have been done on employees with long-term back pain and have found that a sit/stand or a standing desk leads to a 32% improvement in lower back pain after a few weeks of regular use. Additionally, another study found that it helped reduce upper back pain in around in 52% of users over four weeks.

It keeps you active

Sitting for prolonged periods has been found to be bad for your health as it’s a very passive way of holding your body, by switching to a standing desk you’ll stand active throughout the day and with a properly adjusted standing desk, your spine will be in a relatively neutral position. 

Helps burn calories.

On average, standing desk users burn up to 50 calories more an hour in comparison to sitting, so if you’re looking to maximize your burn, then consider switching to a standing desk. 

It can help you live longer!

Studies have found a strong link between increased sitting time and early death. This is not surprising given the strong association between sedentary time, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Helps correct posture

A standing desk forces you to hold your body in a way that keeps your spine neutral, happy, and healthy. Pairing a standing desk, with a properly adjusted workstation, it’s a recipe for success. 

If you’ve got any questions about your workstation setup, bring in a photo of you working there during your next consult with Forward Chiropractic and we can offer tips and advice on how to improve your working set up!