January 22, 2022

In-store bike fit vs a Chiropractic bike fit

In so many articles online, the importance of a bike fit is mentioned over and over again as one of the first things you do before you start hunting around for that new beauty...

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In so many articles online, the importance of a bike fit is mentioned over and over again as one of the first things you do before you start hunting around for that new beauty. 

At Forward Chiropractic, we recognise that no two bodies are the same, and as health care providers, we will always put your health, rather than a quick sale first. 

We provide a professional one-on-one fitting experience to make your cycling more enjoyable, effective and work with your body not against it as we believe that you’ll ride more often and longer if you feel comfortable on your bike.

While an in-store bike shop fit is a great starting point, for us it’s more than just lifting the saddle up and adjusting your position. 

Forward Chiropractic takes in a holistic view of your needs as an individual as the position and requirement of a gravel grinder versus someone in the hunt for a time trial title are very different. 

Here’s why our bike fit is different.

It starts off the bike. 

As certified chiropractors, with  a strong background in cycling and cycle coaching, we understand how the human body functions and have a know how to optimise your set up on the bike. 

We’ll work with you to assess your needs with the best health outcomes in mind before we start measuring you up. 

We cover areas such as performance goals, preferred positions and take into account injuries or niggles you might have. We work with your body to find the best bike position, rather than shaping your body around a bike. 

Not all bike fits are created equal

Using our purpose built bike fitting jig and a one to one setting, we carefully work with you to help optimise your position on the bike whilst looking at three key areas.

  1. Contact points (shoes, saddles, hands) - This is the most important aspect of a bike fit as it is where your body connects with the bike. We look at which pedals, cleats and shoewear that are ideal for you before going into detail to optimise your saddle position and which saddle suits your body type. We also spend a lot of time figuring out your grip and position on the handlebars looking at your arm reach, the ba rtape/grips and spending time educating you on how to reduce pressures on your hands to make you comfortable and aerodynamic on two wheels. Not just the pro-riders benefit from a more aero position!
  2. Efficiency vs comfort - Taking into consideration any past injuries, your riding preferences and your body shape,  we optimise your position on the bike to balance comfort levels and efficiency. We know that most riders would like to go as fast as they can, but it is absolutely essential that you also are comfortable at the same time. We look at all aspects of your riding style such as pedal stroke, and to make sure you are activating the correct muscles during the pedal stroke. The goal is to create a sustainable position which will make you ride fast, feel comfortable and reduce the chance of getting injured. 
  3. Body position - it is absolutely essential that the bike is set up to fit your body. We take into consideration your past injuries, your riding preferences and your body shape, hoping to fit your bike to you, and not the other way around. 

After your fit

Once we’ve optimised your position, and you’ve adjusted to the new set up, we check in with you after a fortnight and run through your new position with you, making adjustments as needed. 
We believe that a bike fit should evolve with the rider as their fitness, flexibility and body shape changes over the years so we suggest a proper bike fit to be done every XX of years or whenever a new bike comes into your life.