May 11, 2022

The benefits of a coach

Find out more about how a coach can help you hit your goals!

Written by

Dr Anders

For many of us, we all want to become better cyclists however we don’t always know how to get there or how to clarify our goals. 

Engaging a cycling coach will help guide your development and drive you to achieve positive results on the bike, set realistic expectations, and make you a better rider.

Here are our top reasons why you should consider getting a coach in 2022 to help take training to the next level.   


We’d all love to have endless hours to train, but in reality, most people have only around 8-15 hours per week to cram in the riding.

Having your sessions (and recovery) mapped out by a coach is a great way to become more efficient with your time. It’s always important to be realistic about your time on the bike and balance it against life’s other commitments. 

Areas for improvement 

A coach is able to help you achieve your cycling goals by identifying key areas for improvement and offering advice and insights on the fastest and most effective ways to enhance them without compromising on the big picture. 

A good cycling coach will help you understand your weakness and strengths and provide balanced guidance. 


Regular, honest, and constructive feedback is almost as important as the sessions on the bike.

Far too often we see programs that don’t take into account life’s other commitments, regular racing, or even the desire to do some social miles with mates on the weekend.

While a free program is great to follow, it doesn’t always offer accountability or adapt for your life. A coach will offer personalized feedback helping to keep you motivated, focussed, and on target to hit your cycling goals.  

An individualised approach

No two cyclists and their goals are the same, and it’s important to recognize that different riders have different commitments on and off the bike. 

A coaching program for a 21-year-old, aspiring NRS rider would be dramatically different to that of a 45-year-old mother of two look to complete Peaks Challenge - Falls Creek. 

A coach will create a structure to suit your needs to keep you on track. We always start with the big picture goal and work back from there, helping you to break it down into smaller achievable moments to help keep you focussed and on track for success. 

Ready for a coach?

If you think you’re ready for a coach, book a free coaching consultation today with Forward. We offer an in-depth initial consultation to help you decide if we’re the right partner to help you achieve your goals on the bike.